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2009-03-27 22:50:05 by AbstractMatador

In school im making a Flash animation that well....I guess I can call my best work.I have only made 3 in my hole life and the first two im not to proud of but this one has more meaning to it.I called it "The Red Can" where its about somebody going insane in a Black&White world.Ya this has been used in many movies/books like "PlesantVille" or "The Giver" but this piece was inspired by them so i hope yall like it.My animation skills are getting better;and on this video you will see how un-constand the work looks.In the Bigining the animation will look kinda weak but later it gets better has it progresses.So ya hopefully it will be done by the end of my high school days or before so I can finally show something on NewGrounds.

Thanks for Reading
-AbstractMatador(AKA Bryan H.)

Edit*: I did not like the outcome of this one so im working on one that so far looks great for my 4th animation...god I hate using sound hahaha.

Desided to postpone it.

2009-02-03 21:47:27 by AbstractMatador

Well afer a wile of not being that good with flash i decited to make something very simple.So if i deside to make anything it will be a wile since im focus on my Art at school and homework.But i will try to post something worth looking at even if its some abstract pice of sence. :D

I am a huge fan of Egoraptor and video games so you know i love his awesome series.
So i will be making a Parody of Resident Evil One.Im not planning on working too hard on it but hope to get some laughs out of it.I hope that i can finish it before X-Mas.

And this is going to be my first animtion where i will try to voice act.Witch i think might be some what successful.